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HPC KAESER Portable Compressors are powerful, mobile machines for providing compressed air on a construction site or in industry for applications such as road breakers, power moles, sand blasters or temporary machines.  A wide range of models and options covers every demand from power tools to auxiliary electrical supplies for lighting and welding.


The HPC KAESER partnership provides a wealth of experience and expertise with a range of portable compressors and accessories providing ideal solutions to the varied needs and demands of the U.K. portable compressor market.


From the compact M13 with a capacity of 1.2m3/min (42cfm) at 7 bar, that can be transported in the back of a small vehicle, to the high-performance M350 delivering 34m3/min (1201cfm) at 8.6 bar.


As an option, all machines can be fitted with a tool lubricator for picks and breakers, two of the standard uses for a portable compressor. Especially designed for this purpose the unit adds a biologically degradable lubricant and defrosting medium to the compressed air. This reduces wear on pneumatic tools, increases their life and guarantees reliable operation. As well as lubricated air for tools, dry, cool or heated air can be produced for sand-blasting and concrete repair.  Another treatment unit can even provide air of breathing quality. If a special distributor is fitted, air of differing qualities can be supplied in parallel.


Several models are available with an integrated generator for applications requiring mobile electric power (for example PE welding of plastic piping, powering electric tools and submersible pumps or site illumination). The generator can supply both three-phase and single-phase power via an overload protection switch. With this equipment, the unit becomes a versatile mobile power station.


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