Midi Excavators



Midi Excavators


ViO80 (80.6 ton / 2270 mm width)

SV100 CR (96.2 ton / 2320 mm width)

SV100 2PB (10.3 ton / 2320 mm width)

B7 Sigma-6 (8.2 ton / 2270 mm width)


Yanmar midi-excavators offer the performance of a large excavator while enjoying the benefits of a compact excavator. Designed to work effectively on a wide variety of sites, they combine compactness, power, versatility, comfort and reliability. There are four models of Yanmar Midi Excavator: ViO80, SV100, SV100 2PB, B7 Sigma.




The all new ViO80-1 is a true zero tail swing midi excavator with neither the counterweight or the front part of the upper frame exceeding the width of the tracks. The wide and spacious cab is over 40% larger than its predecessor and the forward visibility is increased by 53%.



  • ROPS and FOPS cabin fitted with a pneumatic suspension seat
  • Features auto idling and pre-set digging modes
  • Fully adjustable climate control
  • Electric refuelling pump
  • Exceptional stability and lifting capacity
  • Automatic twin speed travel control


Download our ViO80 brochure here:






The SV100 is exceptionally compact for an excavator in this weight category. The Semi ViO design allows the front of the cab structure to remain entirely within the width of the crawlers when slewing.


No other machine in this weight class is as compact and has such a high digging force.

Equipped with dozer blade and boom offset, the SV100 has the characteristics of a mini excavator and the performance of a large excavator.



  • Reduced rear swing radius
  • Possible to work in confined spaces
  • High working forces
  • Excellent stability (Victas® asymmetric tracks)
  • Precise and simultaneous movements (hydraulic VIPPS®)
  • Air Conditioning and fuel filling pump as standard
  • Full range of attachments available.


Download our SV100 brochure here:



SV100 2PB (2 Piece-Boom)


SV100 2PB is a high performance 10 ton excavator with an articulated boom. High performance, unique design and ease of operation are the key characteristics of this new Yanmar Excavator. The articulated boom configuration drastically enhances the performance of the SV100, particularly when lifting, moving and placing loads.


Originating from heavy wheeled excavators, the added articulation of the boom improves the manoeuvrability of the machine and its ability to place loads with precision. The additional weight resulting from the articulated boom configuration has been limited to 845 kilos including the additional counterweight. It contributes to improving the machine’s lifting capacity by up to 45 per cent in some areas of the load chart.


Yanmar decided to reversely mount the cylinder of the boom articulation. Combined with high working pressure of the SV100 2PB, this furnishes the machine with outstanding break-out force. The orientation of the boom articulation cylinder also enables the operator to raise the boom faster and to lower it more slowly - optimal for positioning of loads. The Yanmar product development decided for a unique solution: The SV100 2PB is fitted with a single top mounted boom articulation cylinder. This configuration guarantees a total protection of the cylinder rod thus reducing the risk of damages and also enables to reduce the machine’s dead weight by 50 per cent, thus improving the stability of the SV100 2PB.


The SV100-2 offers the performance of a large excavator, whilst still allowing the operator the benefits of a compact excavator such as the best visibility in its class. The breakout forces of 68.5 kN at the bucket and 45.8 kN at the boom are exceptional for a 10 tonne excavator with such a short tail swing (170mm to be precise!).


Added to that a dig depth of 4.64 metres and a dumping height of 5.3 metres allows the SV100-2 to carry out major work such as laying pipes or excavation and clearing operation in large areas quickly and efficiently.



  • Adjustable Proportional Control: two auxiliary circuits with joystick proportional control as standard.
  • Reduced Fuel Consumption/Eco mode
  • Large and comfortable Quiet Cab
  • Easy Access to daily check points
  • Regulated Hydraulic System: the new electronic hydraulic pump regulator adjusts its flow rate based on engine performance. Thus engine power is perfectly exploited and machine performance optimised.


Download our SV100 2PB brochure here:







B7 Sigma-6


The B7 Sigma-6 has an innovative triple articulated boom, which offers the ultimate productivity that excavators, whether conventional, Zero Tail Swing (ViO) or ultra-swing can provide.


This ultra-short-swing machine allows complete rotation (upper frame and equipment) within the crawler width. When working at boom offset in narrow trenches, the second part of the boom does not strike the left side of the trench so providing increased digging depth, as well as the ability to work in numerous positions without tracking the excavator.



  • Ultra short swing radius - most compact
  • Increased dig depth over traditional “ultra swing” excavators
  • Increased productivity in confined area - can turn a full 360 in just 2.7 metres width
  • Latest high powered Yanmar engine


Download our B7 Sigma-6 brochure here:

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