ViO Series Mini Excavators


ViO Series Mini Excavators


ViO12 (12.3 ton / 830-1000 mm width)

ViO17 (17.6 ton / 950-1280 mm width)

ViO25 (27.4 ton / 1450 mm width)

ViO33 (33.6 ton / 1550 mm width)

ViO38 (37.5 ton / 1740 mm width)

ViO50 (48.5 ton / 1940 mm width)

ViO57 (54.8 ton / 1990 mm width)


Yanmar pride themselves in their innovation when it comes to zero tail swing machines, with the range beginning back in 1995 when they brought the first ViO50 to the market. The current generation of zero tail swing excavators is Yanmar's 6th, showing their knowledge and expertise in this area and the ability to improve with each new release.


The ViO design principle offers true Zero Tail Swing, neither the counterweight or front part of the upper frame exceeds the width of the crawlers, even when it rotates, allowing the machine to work in narrow areas.

Performance is enhanced with the patented Victas® Track System. The increased footprint of the asymmetric tracks allows greater sideways stability and higher lifts capacity (except ViO12).


The cutting-edge VIPPS® progressive 3 pump hydraulic system gives powerful and simultaneous operations, allowing complete control even during travel.



  • Widely regarded as the most stable zero tail swing excavator's on the market
  • Allows for side ditch digging up to a wall with nothing protruding beyond the track.
  • Well suited to work in urban areas, with the machine not obstructing or interfering with lines of traffic.
  • Possible to work very close to obstacles and in confined spaces or narrow areas where conventional machines aren't able too.
  • No dead angle in the upper structure, allowing for maximum all around visibility
  • No counterweight overhang at the rear
  • Easier to transport to to compact size and width.
  • All powered by a clean and quiet Yanmar TNV engines
  • Upper frame rotation within track width
  • Full range of attachments available.


Download our ViO series brochures here

            ViO12                        ViO17                        ViO25                         ViO33                        ViO38                          ViO50                        ViO57

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